Railroad Rogues

Railroad Rogues is a four-player brawler where each player must collect the most gold before the time runs out. It is also possible to play single player and just attack enemies to collect gold as well.

It's not quite finished, but we hope you might enjoy trying it out!

The keyboard controls are:
Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Jump
X - Attack / Grab
C - Drop

The game should also work with most standard controllers.


Created during TOJAM in 3 days by a slightly modified team: Adam Robinson-Yu, Alexander Biggs, Kat Nguyen, and Dawn Blair

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Dinosaurs In My House

Dinos In My House is a fast paced 3D brawler where up to 4 players make use of XBOX360 controllers to duke it out. Make use of dashing, ground pounds, and smashes in this physics heavy house environment as you fight for the golden crown!

This is currently the result of the game after being made from scratch during 48 hours during Global Game Jam 2015 for which we received runner up for Jammer's choice award . For now, there is only 1 map and 1 game mode, a survival deathmatch. However, we hope to add more maps, modes, and a more robust menu system in the future.



Left Analog: Movement

A: Jump. Press in a second time while in the air to ground-pound.

B: Headbutt attack

X: Dash

Y: Shoot homing fireballs

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Baby's First House Fire

The house is on fire and babies need saving! Play this 4-PLAYER cooperative firefighting game with your pals! Wall-jump through the building and switch between various tools before the apartments come crashing down! This game was created for TOJAM 2015. It's still in a pretty rough state, but it can make for some intense baby-saving action! We'll update it soon with some polish and playability fixes.

This version requires joysticks to play (XBOX controllers recommended). Press Start or Back to restart the game.

In its current state, this game is probably too difficult to play with only a single player, but you're welcome to try!

Downloads available for both Windows and OSX

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The Ancients (GOATA)

A 1v1 or 2v2 platformer moba-esque competitive game with randomly generated destructible terrain.

Lead your minions across the battle field to take down enemy turrets and then their idol.

Features music from Vertlain: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/567660


Install instructions

Unzip the the contents of the file, and run Standalone/GOATA.exe to play!

If you don't have XNA, you can run an included installer to detect and configure it for you.

Currently requires XBOX controllers for each player.

If you want to install XNA 4.0 and NET 4.5 yourself, grab 'em here:




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Life of Spy

A tense multiplayer game where each player is a spy trying to dispose of their rival spys. The game is based around hiding in crowds and acting unsuspicious so that you don't draw the eyes of police (and other players). Find and take down designated wanted criminals in order to gain extra lives (in the form of sleeper agents). Last spy remaining is pronounced the greatest spy! 

Currently only supports 2 - 4 players, but we plan on adding some AI eventually to take on during solo missions.

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Less Than Slash Three

Trapped deep beneath the earth, tiny robots carry a great burden: their former owners' still-beating hearts, which they must carry to the surface strapped to their backs. But danger lurks and has been buried all around them. Vicious bats, digging monsters, and lots and lots of boulders. Their task seems futile, but they must try.

Original created in 48 hours during Global Game Jam. We received the judge-appointed "Best Overall" title this entry.

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An addicting fast paced survival game based on Spewing minions to slow down and defeat enemies. Play with up to 4 players with keyboard or Xbox controllers to help defeat more enemies, but watch out! Minions cannot tell ally from foe and will grab on to anything they see! Also, includes hats.

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